A Serious Interview About Gnomes vs. Fairies

We sensed a controversy the other day when Di Sterba, the Director of Shake Rag’s Youth Program, came by with a poster for a Gnome Home Building event, scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, November 8th, from 10 am to 2 pm.

Could this be Shake Rag’s attempt to expand their monopoly on the fairy realm? Aren’t gnomes just fairies with funny hats? We quickly realized that we don’t know much about the distinction between gnomes and fairies. Di Sterba, a known authority on the subject, agreed to clear up the confusion.

(Note: The photos in this post were taken by Leah Crubel, of Leah Crubel Photography, at last week’s indoor Farmer’s Market.  To see all of Leah’s photos click here.  And, don’t forget to head to this week’s indoor Farmer’s Market at 114 High Street, tomorrow from 8:30-11:00 am.)

10708557_844119682274778_7749032553005063526_oHSB: What’s the difference between gnomes and fairies?

DS: Gnomes do not have wings so usually their houses are close to the ground, not built up higher on sticks like our fairy houses. Although we have found that some fairies prefer ground level, and of course many gnomes choose to have ladders in their homes to get to a second level. (Ladders are very cute and fun to make.)

HSB: Are there female gnomes and male fairies?

DS: Definitely males and females for both fairies and gnomes.

HSB: Are there any rules when building a gnome house?

1401837_844119692274777_8179105077237710792_oDS: ABSOLUTELY no rules for building these homes…let your creativity fly.
(I do have it on good authority that most of them prefer all natural materials)…
but then again I have seen some pretty glitzy houses with artificial flowers, glitter and glam.  So like with humans…it is all according to personal taste. (We do not provide any glam.)

HSB: Who is invited to build gnome houses this Saturday, and what should they expect?

DS: Any adult can bring a child to make their house. This is a FAMILY event so we prefer children do NOT come on their own.  There will be a crazy assortment of natural materials, hot glue guns, and a basic ‘wood cookie’ base for each house.
They can pay in the office ($12 for each house) and get their “Gnome House Building Permit” there. Then they go to the Cabinet Shop to make the house.
Emily Haverland and I will be there to guide them through the process, but most people just are able to create without assistance.

1401214_844119598941453_2945813793141382586_oHSB: How long will it take to build a gnome house?

DS: Usually it takes 1-2 hours to make a house and furnish it (beds, swings, tables, etc.)

HSB: Anything else you want to let people know?

DS: Because we use hot glue, it is recommended to keep the houses indoor if you want them to last longer.

It is always fun and one can NEVER have too many gnome/fairy houses!!

– Contributed by Lisa and Zoë Hay


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