Sunday – Driftless Film Fest – Day 4

Today is not technically the last day of the festival.  Two more features will be screened this week. Monday night is 1971 and Thursday night is Expedition to the End of the World. Both films will be shown at 7 p.m.

But, if you want to spend a full day at the Opera House, then today is the last day for that  — until next year. Films begin at 11 a.m. and roll well into evening. Here’s the lineup, with links to the trailers when available.

photo-15811:00 a.m. – Documentary Shorts Program

Getting Lost in My Own Art – 27 minutes

At Home in The Shop – 11 minutes

Dog Down – 45 minutes

1:15 p.m. Rolling Papers ‘Work in Progress’

4:00 p.m. Food Patriots, preceded by The Great Outdoors

7:00 p.m. Art and Craft

For a concise description of the films visit or pick up one of the fold-out brochures with the movie cow on the front.

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