Beer, Wine, Popcorn and a Movie – All for $7.50

photo-205The Mineral Point Film Society – reformed and renamed filmzmp – is potentially back.

We say potentially, because the group needs to reach its $5000 goal by December 15th, before it officially launches.  The money is needed to secure movie rights for ten films, rent the Opera House, and provide drinks and snacks for the pre-film social hour.

So far the group has collected $3800, however, checks continue to roll in every day, so the planners are optimistic that it will happen.  If the financial goal is not met, the group will return all donations received.

photo-206For an annual membership fee of $75 a quality film will be shown at 6 pm on the second Sunday for 10 months of the year (no filmz in July and December).  Your fee also includes a pre-movie social hour with wine, beer, and popcorn!

The organizers of filmzmp are Tom Kelly, Linda Hurley, Tim Freeman, Cindy Fleming, and Amber Westerman.   They are committed to showing artful, critically acclaimed movies that tell a compelling story.  Click on the links below to view trailers of the films being considered for the planned January 11, 2015, screening:


At $7.50 per film, including drinks and popcorn, it’s a good deal!  Even if you miss a few films, the annual fee is still less than you would end up paying at your local cineplex.  For example, if you miss 3 films it’s still only $10.72 per film.

Everyone is welcome to join filmzmp, so spread the word!  Send in $75 by December 15, 2014 to:

PO Box 24
Mineral Point, WI

For more information, go to  If you have any questions, shoot an email to

We will report back on filmzmp in the coming weeks.

– Contributed by the Hays

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