Christmas All Year Long

There’s a place in town where it always feels like Christmas, and that’s Berget Jewelers.

10846455_821647627894688_115624507087127271_nThe Berget’s building at 257 High Street was built in the 1840’s, and is one of the oldest buildings on High Street.  Over the years it has been the town’s first library, the town’s post office, headquarters for a stagecoach company, a saloon, a harness and wagon shop, a doctor’s office, a needlecraft shop, a dress shop, a shoe repair shop and now – a jewelry store, and year-round Christmas destination. If you love Christmas you can’t help but love Berget’s.

This year marks the 25th Christmas that owner Chris Phillipson has been running Berget’s.

Why is it called Berget’s you might ask? Chris’ husband Dave bought Berget Jewelers in Argyle from Caspar Berget, and runs that store to this day. The Argyle Berget’s first opened in 1904.  The Phillipson’s opened the Mineral Point store in 1990.

Chris started the year-round Christmas room in 1993.

Not surprisingly, Chris says “Christmas is the best time of year.” She loves having kids come in the store and watching them grow up over the years. She is now seeing a second generation of customers. “It makes me feel old, but I love it.”

Chris not only works for Berget’s, but she spends countless volunteer hours helping the town as a whole. She organizes the massive city-wide garage sales twice a year, serves on the Chamber Board and the Tourism Commission, and is known far and wide as a one-woman ticket-master, selling tickets for most events in town.


Chris relies on good old-fashioned word of mouth for marketing. She has no Facebook page, no website, no e-mail, and certainly no online shopping. If you want to shop at Berget’s you have to go to Berget’s.

To thank Chris for all the time she spends volunteering for Mineral Point, let’s all do a little last-minute Christmas shopping at Berget’s.  You’re sure to find something for everyone on your list. She will be open every day between now and Christmas.






photo-241 If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask Chris and she’ll be happy to help.


Even the Christmas lights outside Berget’s seem to say WOW.








Merry Christmas Chris!

Contributed by the Hays




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3 Responses to Christmas All Year Long

  1. Thank you so much for writing about Berget’s and Chris! She is amazing and really does do so much for the town and sells SO MANY TICKETS for so many events. I was in and bought 2 Christmas ornaments just recently and got to talk with Chris. Thank you again for the much-deserved recognition for Chris & Berget’s!

  2. Valli & John Tolleson says:

    Lisa & Don keep up the good work with your articles, I really enjoy them and in many cases I forward them. I have never been in this shop! I guess I always thought it was just a Christmas Shop and at my age I have all the Christmas things one could ever need or want . Sooooo due to your story I’ll for sure visit this spring . Chris sounds like an outstanding asset to Mineral Point as you and Don are. Merry Christmas to all !

  3. Carole Norm Rule says:

    What a tribute!! Well deserved!! Merry Christmaas & Happy Healthy 2015 to all!!!!

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