Mineral Point’s Giving Tree


Once there was an old oak tree.

She lived in the Oak Savanna at the Mineral Point Elementary School.  Whenever the children came out for recess she could see them in the distance. The tree wanted to be closer so she could hear the children play and see their smiling faces.


But she was a tree. She could not move.

She couldn’t run for shelter when a scary storm came through town.

It shook her and swayed her and broke her right down.


She laid across the path blocking the way.

The tree was sad.


Then one day, a nice man named John Sharp read about a broken tree in Madison that was put to good use. He told the school about the idea and they agreed to his plan.

The man told the school children that the tree was going to be trimmed and moved to their playground.


When the man trimmed her pointy parts the children climbed on her.


The tree was happy.

And so were the children.


But the man couldn’t move the giant tree all by himself.  He needed some help.  He called Ivey Construction and they brought a great big machine to pick up the tree.


 They moved her out of the savanna and down the street.


The machine set her down in the school playground.




Now the children can play on the old tree every day.


And, the tree is happy.

For more details, read Joelle’s Doye’s report on the school blog, by clicking here.

Contributed by the Hays

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3 Responses to Mineral Point’s Giving Tree

  1. kellygreen911 says:

    I love this story. It is what is so important and wonderful about Mineral Point!
    Thanks to all who were involved and who have contributed so much to our community and our lives.

  2. jonyhauck says:

    Great Story!!! Thank You, John Sharp!

  3. Valli & John Tolleson says:

    Wonderful story, can’t wait to be at the Cottage and watch the kids play on it ! *~*
    And thanks to Don & Lisa for another fun story !

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