Regionals Edition

Here’s a gracious and sweet blog by #23 Alec Schmitz. Great photos by Michael Smith, Shannon Mumm and Joëlle Doye capture the excitement of last night’s game.

schmitz | 23

(…We have a few things to catch up on first though)

Hello everyone! It’s been a pretty busy few weeks for me, and I wasn’t able to write about the past few games! We’ll catch up on some things before we get started.

  • 22-0.. two straight years. We never thought we’d be able to pull off an undefeated season this year. Tougher conference, tougher schedule—it was bound to be more difficult. Plus, two straight years of dominance really takes a lot. We’ve won 48 of our last 49. Shocking to type that. A 97.9% winning percentage! Something to definitely be proud of.
  • Senior night was a few weeks ago and, in honor, i’ll rattle off a few sentences about each senior!


 Photo by Michael J. Smith

  • Taylor Ryman: The guy that keeps us pretty relaxed. Always has a one liner up his sleeve. Loudest laugh on the team. Deadly…

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