Moonlight Tour and Cocktail Reception

photo-447This Saturday, the fairies at Shake Rag Alley welcome the public to tour their tiny homes at night! This is a rare opportunity to roam the grounds of Shake Rag Alley and see the fairy homes all lit up!

Light your way by purchasing a special fairy cocktail (with or without alcohol) in a light-up champagne flute. Let your drink be your guide.

This curious event takes place Saturday night, May 23rd from 8-10pm and is a bonus feature to this year’s daytime Tour of Fairy Homes scheduled for 9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday.

Not to be missed is the large gnome home constructed from a stump by Roland Sardeson. Pictures can’t do it justice.  It’s large enough for a child to enter and has a rooftop garden.

Come join in the Fairy Magic at Shake Rag Alley this weekend.

Children 11 and under are FREE. Adults (12 and above) are $5. Extra fees apply for fairy photos (10-noon each day), fairy home building, fairy wand-making, and fairy cocktails. For more information, call Shake Rag Alley at 608-9873292 or visit them online at

– Contributed by Lisa Hay

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1 Response to Moonlight Tour and Cocktail Reception

  1. phuckthee says:

    It will hold two adults if they are comfortable with each other.

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