Rare Cheese On Sale Tomorrow

photo-513A very rare 20-year old cheddar will go on sale tomorrow morning in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

While much of the heralded Hook’s 20-year old cheddar has been spoken for, the Wisconsin State Journal reported that when Tony Hook was divvying up the cheese he realized that he had 20 pounds still available.

He will sell this famous cheese beginning tomorrow, Friday, May 29th at his shop in Mineral Point.

While this golden cheese retails for over $200 per pound, you can take comfort knowing that Tony and Julie Hook plan to donate $40,000 from their sales to the Center for Dairy Research and Babcock Hall building project at the University of Wisconsin Madison campus. Read more about their generous donation in the Cheese Underground.

The Hook’s Cheese store at 230 Commerce Street in Mineral Point opens at 4 a.m. and closes at around 2 p.m. What remains will be on sale at the Dane County Farmer’s Market Saturday morning.

-Contributed by Lisa Hay



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1 Response to Rare Cheese On Sale Tomorrow

  1. Matt Sweeny says:

    This story is all over the news. Pointers should be proud! I want to know who did Hook’s PR work?

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