Girl Power

12794880_1158589260819373_5103988994334144461_oTomorrow night, the Mineral Point Girls Basketball team competes in the state tournament for the first time in school history.

The excitement surrounding this team is reflected in some of the press coverage they have garnered.  Below are a few links:

Last year, the Mineral Point Boys’ Basketball Team sent the town into a basketball frenzy when they made it to the state championship (see last year’s “For the Love Of The Team“.) Part of last year’s jubilation was owing to the fact that the boys’ team had not been to state since 1974, and 1934 before that.

With the girls’ team, the history doesn’t go back that far. In 1974, when the boys went to state, the girls were relegated to the sidelines as cheerleaders.

Title IX changed all that, requiring equal access for girls. Mineral Point’s girls basketball program started in 1976, just in time for a freshman named Vickie Dahl to play. Vickie went on to become one of the first female basketball superstars from Mineral Point. She made the All-Conference Teams in 1978 and 1979 and was the Dodgeville Chronicle’s Player of the Year for 1979.


Vickie (#40 above) is now the Athletic Director for Mineral Point, and Principal for the Middle School. She not only proudly oversees the program, but she helps make sure that the students and fans behave themselves. While other schools make noise during their opponents’ free throws, the Mineral Point crowd is deferentially quiet. While it’s true that the people of Mineral Point have good manners, it’s also true that no one wants to mess with Vickie.

When Mineral Point won the critical game against Cuba City last week, it was clear from Vickie’s embrace of Coach Mitch Wainwright how much the win meant to her – and to him.

12795010_1158590207485945_7894170838669951317_oMineral Point is lucky to have Mitch Wainwright who in addition to being head coach of the Girls Basketball Team, also serves as the High School Principal. Before coming to Mineral Point he guided Pecatonica to five state tournament appearances and two championships. Clearly he knows how to instill teamwork, sportsmanship, and to bring out the best in his athletes.

Hundreds of Pointers are expected to make the 3-hour journey to Green Bay this Thursday night to watch the Pointer girls take on Eau Claire Regis in the Division 4 quarterfinals at 6:35 p.m. If they win, the championship game will be Saturday at 12:45 p.m.. For logistical information about the games, including where to watch on TV, listen on the radio, or follow on the internet, click here.

Best of luck to this historic team of girls, and to everyone involved who helped make this happen.

Now let’s enjoy some of the excellent photos of the girls in action as captured by Joëlle Doye, Mineral Point School District’s Communications Director. To see all of Joëlle’s photos, click here to go to the MPSD Facebook page.



Contributed by Lisa Hay with photo contributions by Joëlle Doye

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  1. Becky Hinkins Ponterio says:

    This fantastic Congrats

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  2. JimWetzel says:

    Wonderful story‼️

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  3. Valli & John Tolleson says:

    Great post Lisa, and Joelle for the photos….. GO POINTERS !! Love Minteral Point !

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