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3 Responses to Happenings

  1. rick harris says:

    last night (april 6th) i had a little hoedown down at the gray dog wine bar. it was to raise money for my best friend who is terminally ill and stuck in a broken down rv in a trailer park in new mexico. i thought ild play a few tunes, sing a couple songs and maybe 10 people would show up. little did i realize that so many people would open their hearts and donate money to someone they dont even know just because i asked them to. the wine bar was packed with people. i would like to thank everyone who came to the event last night. and i would also like to thank the wine bar owners and staff for their help. i will be sending a money order to my friend tomorrow. hes really very lucky in a way. so many people spend their lives piling up money, stuff, and things. he has spent his life making friends, creating new relationships, and finding love. i think about this every day now. thank all of you for helping my friend. rick harris.

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