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A Daughter’s Battle, A Mother’s Love

Charlotte Basurto was born w/Loeys-Dietz syndrome. The condition, often fatal if left untreated, causes the spine to grow forward and twist, compressing the lungs and undermining the heart. The standard treatment in the U.S. is to fuse the spine, which causes its own set of … Continue reading

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Comet ISON Due Later this Year

You may have heard in the news this spring that a comet will be visible later this year.   Comet ISON (named after the International Scientific Optical Network, the observatory which discovered it) is currently approaching the sun at over 60,000 … Continue reading

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Aurora from Mineral Point

In case you missed the Aurora from Friday night, here is a video I made. Each frame of the movie is a 30-second exposure with my Canon XSi camera. This was captured from my backyard and also from a darker … Continue reading

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Dance of the Planets

For the next several nights, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury will be dancing at sunset. On some nights, they will form a very nice triangle low in the west. In order to view the alignment, you will need a clear western … Continue reading

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Chance For Northern Lights This Week

The dark skies of Mineral Point are a great place to experience the northern lights.   Northern lights, also called aurora borealis, originate from sunspots.   A solar flare will violently eject ionized particles from the surface of the sun and some of this material is … Continue reading

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