2016 is in the history books and the New Year is already three weeks old. This is the time of year that many people set goals, make resolutions and vow to make changes to improve their lives. The tradition of resolutions goes back a few years – 4000 according to some sources! We all have made them – and we all have broken more than a few as well.

In addition to making the personal improvement resolutions this year, how about making a resolution to take a personal stake in making an improvement in our community? There are a number of ways to do this. Here are just a few suggestions that I am challenging everyone reading this to make.

Bring a friend to take a tour at Pendarvis

Take a kid to see the Mineral Point Depot

Become a member of the Mineral Point Historical Society

Pledge to attend more shows at the Mineral Point Opera House

Create a costume for the Art in Motion Parade – It’s June 3!

Bring a friend to lunch in Mineral Point

Join a local service organization

Take a class at Shake Rag

Hike up Merry Christmas Mine Hill

Visit a shop you have never checked out

Spend more locally

Attend a school board meeting

Stock your car with Mineral Point Visitor guides and share them on your out of town travels

Come out for Gallery Nights – April 1, June 3, August 5, December 2

Enjoy a Jammin on the Porch concert at Orchard – June 9, July 14, August 11, Sept 8

Sign up for the Chamber newsletter – email

Enter something in the Iowa County Fair

Take a child to a City Park

Attend a community event that you have never gone to

Go to the Mineral Point Market on Saturdays – starting May 6

Attend a ballgame

Learn a new fact about Mineral Point

Thank a City worker – and your Council representative

Go to the Library

Keep your gift buying in Mineral Point – or buy Mineral Point Gift Certificates

Donate to a food pantry or contribute to Pointer Panty

Join the Mineral Point Chamber of Commerce (personal memberships are welcome)

Talk to a stranger

Invite a neighbor to dinner

Challenge someone else to these resolutions!

These are some really simple ideas … that can turn into habits. If all of us strive to do as many as we can, it will make a big impact on our community. Let’s make these resolutions the ones we keep all year long. I welcome other ideas too – stop in to the Chamber office and share them.


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