Take a Walk on the Wild Side

There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot.”   Aldo Leopold

The citizens of Mineral Point fall into the latter category — we love our wild things. A walk around town illustrates the care and effort people invest in their gardens, parks, and natural environment.

What isHere’s an idea for Earth Day – or any day!  Take a walk through the Don Hawkins Community Oak Savanna. It’s located next to the elementary school, at the corner of 5th and Cothern streets. The site has been undergoing restoration since 2004.  Countless volunteer hours have been invested by local businesses, community members, and students to return the savanna to its original state.

The site contains oak trees estimated to be 150 years old, native prairie grasses, and a variety of wildlife — including an active family of groundhogs, who may or may not like to eat ice cream.

photo-113At the edge of the savanna you will see a beautifully crafted kiosk made of wood and local stone (pictured at left).

Find that plantTo make the savanna an even more valuable educational resource for our school and community, the kiosk will soon house a colorful, informational sign.  It is being designed for the Friends of the Oak Savanna at no cost by Kristin Mitchell Design as part of Kristin’s Design for the Greater Good program. Even though the sign is still in the design process, the graphics on the right side of this post offer a sneak peak at two portions of it.   To see bigger images, just click on them.

So go and enjoy the wild things — right here in town. And stay tuned for an announcement about the official unveiling of the sign.

Contributed by the Hays

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