Gallery All Day

I don’t know why they call it Gallery Night, since it really goes all day.

If you head up to High Street right now, you’ll find most galleries are already in full swing.  By starting your gallery prowl early, you can take the time to enjoy all the exhibits and meander about – without missing the Badger game!

There’s Tai Chi happening at Bottle Works, a pop-up store on the corner of Commerce and Fountain, a guest artist at Shake Rag Alley, tours of the Opera House tonight, and breakfast all day at the Walker House!

This is the first of four Gallery Nights – a Mineral Point tradition now in its 14th year.  The next ones are June 7th (also the Art in Motion parade), August 2nd and December 6th (Candlelight Shopping).

Below is the official Gallery Night Map.  So, pick up one of these maps (you’ll find them in most places around town) and seize the day!


Contributed by the Hays

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