For The Love of The Team

If you’re visiting Mineral Point on Thursday, don’t be surprised if there’s no one here. The boys basketball team is headed to state for the first time in 41 years. For the last few games, the limited number of available tickets have sold out in less than an hour. Pointer fans in attendance at these games are estimated to be well over 500.  Not bad for a town of 2487.

Luckily, the Kohl Center can accommodate the entire town.

This is the third time in the 100 year history of the WIAA Boys Basketball tournament that MP has made this historic journey to Madison. The first time was the 1934-35 season. The trophy from that year stands proudly in the trophy case as you come into the high school.


Although the “Pride of Mineral Point” (shown below) fell short, they were heartened by the overwhelming community support. Over 500 residents of Mineral Point headed to Madison to cheer on the team as they competed in the State Tournament.


Keep in mind, this was 1935. Getting to Madison from Mineral Point wasn’t as easy as getting on Hwy. 151 and going 65 miles an hour.

Forty years later, at a rally for the 1974 team, Harry Ivey remembered how big the venue seemed to the ’34/’35 Pointers and advised the 1974 team “not to look up” as they took the floor in Madison.

The 1974 team was big news.  Their berth at the state tournament was reported above the fold in the Wisconsin State Journal.


Two of the loyal fans from ’74, Sandy Weitzel and Sue Gevelinger shared their scrap books with us.


What follows is a small fraction of what they saved.











The photos of Merle Freymiller praying (above) and Sandy Weitzel’s tear-stained face (below), tell the story of the outcome.


Despite the loss, the team returned home to a massive rally, demonstrating that they were “number one where it counted — in the hearts of the Mineral Point and area residents.” The celebration included a conga line of alumni cheerleaders led by Pascalena Dahl, mother of Mineral Point’s current Athletic Director, Vickie Dahl.


Like the two state teams before them, the 2014-15 Pointers have secured a place in history and in the hearts of their legion of fans.  They will long be remembered for coming so far and treating the town to this wonderful ride.


Whether you are new to town, or a life-long resident, come to Madison Thursday night to cheer on the boys.  A big batch of tickets go on sale tomorrow at the high school office. School starts late on Friday, so you can pack up the kids and bring them to the 8:15 pm game.

If we’re loud enough, the Kohl Center won’t seem so large to our small town team. And, if any of the boys happen to look up (contrary to Harry Ivey’s advice) they will see their hometown bursting with pride.

 Contributed by Don and Lisa Hay with a big thanks to Sandy Weitzel and Sue Wheeler Gevelinger (shown below, bottom left) for sharing their memories and their scrapbooks.



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11 Responses to For The Love of The Team

  1. JimWetzel says:

    Outstanding article !

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Sandee Beaman says:

    Thank you! Thank you. What a terrific article with great pictures. You two do such a fabulous job. Good luck Pointers!

  3. Judy Pelton says:

    Wow this is wonderful. A little walk down memory lane. Thanks Sandy and Sue!

  4. What great memories as well as History. Go Pointers!!!!

  5. Berty Miller says:

    Thanks Lisa and Don.  So much fun looking back.  Looking forward to our win on Thursday.  Thanks for sharing.  You never miss a beat.  Berty

  6. Hollie May-Ipsarides says:

    Great article. Thanks Sandy and Sue for the memories.
    I recall that game so well! As a JV cheerleader we were asked to participate in the upper stands, where all seats were blue and white! Everyone was on their feet! The field house was exploding with Pointer excitement!
    In spite of the loss, with hoarse fans, and sadness, we were still proud Pointers! Always will be.
    Good Luck Pointers…. Make it count! Everyone is supporting you!

  7. Jodie says:

    I was a freshman and a JV Cheerleader at the time. During this tournament time the crowds were so big the varsity squad asked us to help cheer. The games were so exciting at times I would excuse myself and listen from the hallway and just watch the scoreboard! These past memories stir tears knowing that this team has brought the same excitement to their school, Pointer fans and community.
    Go Pointers! Thanks again for always writing up great articles!

  8. Sandy Weitzel says:

    This was so much fun, thanks for letting us share our memories!

    • Hollie May-Ipsarides says:

      Sandy I have six extra tickets if you know of people needing them.
      Thanks Sandy.
      Looking forward to Thursday night!

  9. Longbranch Gallery says:

    Lisa, really great and fun piece of writing and photos. Thanks.


    From: High Street Beat Reply-To: High Street Beat Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 21:25:29 +0000 To: Subject: [New post] For The Love of The Team

    mineralpoint posted: “If you’re visiting Mineral Point on Thursday, don’t be surprised if there’s no one here. The boys basketball team is headed to state for the first time in 41 years. For the last few games, the limited number of available tickets have sold out in less than”

  10. Ellen says:

    GO POINTERS! Nice job Sandy and Sue! Wonderful sweet memories!

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