The Giving Teens

In Mineral Point when you have 200 high school students roaming the streets, good things happen.

Last Wednesday, May 11, 2016, was the Mineral Point High School’s annual Day of Service, organized by the Key Club.  Teams of students, under the supervision of teachers and community volunteers spent the day pulling weeds, cleaning windows, fixing tombstones, removing brush, planting flowers, and doing whatever it takes to beautify their hometown.

They visited the following places:

The Mineral Point Historical Society/Gundry House
The American Legion
Shake Rag Alley
AMP’s High Street Sculpture Garden
Ludden Lake
The Old City Cemetery
The Mineral Point Park District
The Chamber of Commerce and various businesses
The Elementary and High School Oak Savannas
Atrium and Sienna Crest Care Centers
The High School
The Elementary School Garden
Wisconsin DNR Property
Pendarvis, and
The Hodan Center

Below are just a few pictures from the day.  In addition, some of the students made this awesome slide show.


Thanks to the students for all their hard work, and to the Mineral Point School District for holding this annual event and putting an emphasis on community service.

The town looks better than ever.

Contributed by Lisa Hay

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1 Response to The Giving Teens

  1. Barbara Buss says:

    Great job students. Thank you Mineral Point students and adult volunteers for being involved in our community. 😎

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