A Solemn Day

photo-166Before we moved to Mineral Point, we understood what Memorial Day signified. We saw the images on TV. We thought of relatives who had served.

photo-168But we didn’t feel it in our hearts in the way we knew we should.

The first time we experienced Memorial Day in Mineral Point was shortly after the second war in Iraq had begun. At the time, several recent high school graduates had joined the marines and were scheduled to ship out. They were featured in the parade down High Street along with many of the town’s veterans.

At the end of the parade, the crowd gathered in Library Park, as they do every year, for a solemn ceremony to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The moment was filled with emotion. As we listened to the names of the fallen, it was easy to imagine how they were once so alive and vibrant like the new marines standing among us. And you couldn’t help but cry as you imagined that one of these young men about to leave for Iraq — standing right there on such a beautiful day — might not make it home.

In Mineral Point, like so many other small towns, Memorial Day fills your heart with emotion, just as it should.

Memorial Day is about remembering those who have fallen and thanking those who were – and are – brave enough to put themselves in harm’s way for our country.

Mineral Point remembers and gives thanks on Memorial Day. The traditions of the day are set in stone, just like the names of the fallen in Library Park.


– Contributed by the Hays

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  1. Catherine Kitto says:

    Thanks for that! Well said.

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