Not Really Weird

941400_10152900590355088_1581876733_nEsquire Magazine compiled a list of “The 14 Weirdest Brewery Locations in America,” and Mineral Point’s Brewery Creek made the list! We’re not sure why anyone thinks it’s weird to have a brewery in a B&B. It makes more sense than any of the other supposedly “weird” locations, like the brewery in a monastery, the jailhouse brewery, or the funeral home brewery.

Staying in a B&B Brewery is perhaps the best way to Drink Wisconsibly.

You may recall that last year, CNN included Brewery Creek as one of the nation’s Best Luxury Beer Vacations.

Congratulations to Deb and Jeff for making another list.

– Contributed by the Hays

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2 Responses to Not Really Weird

  1. Thanks for telling us about Brewery Creek being named and giving the link to the article. Congratulations Deb & Jeff.

  2. I hate to be a nit picker…. well, actually I love to be one, but the Bed and Breakfast is in the Brewery NOT the other way around.
    Jeff (the Weird Brewer)

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