High Five

If you haven’t been lucky enough to catch this radio ad featuring Mineral Point’s own Point Five, then click on the white triangle at the far left below to take a listen.  

The Point Five radio spot is part of American Family’s “Dream Fearlessly” campaign.  Through these ads, Point Five can now be heard all over Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, which has led to greater out-of-state sales of their latest CD, Pecatonica, named for the mighty river that flows alongside the local hills of SW Wisconsin.

1470397_683568598384322_5833159296145371289_nWhile those in Mineral Point have been Point Five fans for years (see Gimme Five), it seems that the band is getting well-deserved notice outside our fair city.  Two of their songs are in the Broadjam top 10 for Rural Folk music. They received this spot-on excellent review by Scout Magazine. And, they are nominated in several categories for MAMA (Madison Area Music Association) Awards.  (To vote for Point Five, click here.  You will be asked to donate $5, but it’s worth it, right? Just think of all the times Point Five has played in town for free.)

Congratulations Aaron, Monica, Paul, Carole, Andy and Meghan!  Thank you for making us proud and for dreaming fearlessly.

Contributed by the Hays


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2 Responses to High Five

  1. Sandee Beaman says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article and all the good news. I tried to go in to Vote for Point Five, but I can’t seem to find out where they are listed–can anyone out there help? I joined and paid the $5 but I need a little more help to actually vote now. This is so exciting for Point Five, and they deserve all this attention!

  2. mineralpoint says:

    Sandee, Thanks for your comment. Here’s more info on how to vote. They are nominated in multiple categories.
    1. Click on this link: http://themamas.org/awards/
    2. Click on Fan Membership
    3. Establish account and provide a $5 donation to the Madison Area Music Association (The Madison Area Music Association (MAMA) supports youth music in the greater Madison area, and strengthens and engages the music community as a whole.)
    4. Please vote in each of the following categories.
    Artist of the Year — Point Five
    Country/Bluegrass Song — Pecatonica, Hills of Wisconsin
    Cover Song — Train Long Gone
    Folk/Americana Song — Pecatonica, Hills of Wisconsin
    Country/Bluegrass Album — (Pecatonica)
    Folk/Americana Album — (Pecatonica)
    Female Vocalist — Monica Dunn
    Best Guitarist — Paul Biere
    Strings — Andy Hatch, Meghan Dudle
    Local Music Venue — Mineral Point Opera House
    Photographer — Tyler Ensrude (Pecatonica)
    Recording Studio — Blast House Studios (Pecatonica)
    Sound Engineer – Landon Arkens (Pecatonica)

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