“The Most Cornish Town In The USA” Is Definitely Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Residents of Mineral Point might be surprised to Google “most Cornish town in America” and be told that it’s Grass Valley, California. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet (unless it’s on High Street Beat).

The most Cornish town in America is actually Mineral Point, WI.  We even have a large sign in our Heritage Park that says so.


This sign was erected after the International Gathering of Cornish voted on this exact issue at its annual meeting. As Mineral Point’s own Cornish Bard, Catherine Whitford explained on TV last week, the vote wasn’t even close. Mineral Point won hands down.  Click here to watch Catherine explain Mineral Point’s right to be called “The Most Cornish Town In The USA.”

Come see for yourself how Cornish Mineral Point is.  This weekend, September 23-25, 2016 is our annual Cornish Festival. It’s a fun-filled weekend of food, music, and art commemorating our Cornish Heritage.  One of the highlights this year will be a production of Pirates of Penzance at the Mineral Point Opera House.

We cordially invite the residents of Grass Valley to join us this weekend. We’ll even buy them a pasty.

For more information, visit http://www.cornishfest.org.

-Contributed by Don and Lisa Hay

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